Miscellaneous Adventures from the World of Mike Carano

I don't give a guy a ride, very tense, Home Depot, Michael's and the last Disneyland visit for a while.

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I promote shows that already happened, positivity, Home Depot and some anger.

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I'm sitting in a parking lot at 2:00AM stealing someones WiFi to upload this stupid podcast.

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Who's the hypersensitive puss crying, and the usual drama, but more so.

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The Post Office, good service at Costco, then Disneyland and more Disneyland.

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Being judged at Whole Foods, Rite Aid, A Slurpee disaster, the Post Office should be fired, What's taking so long? Gene Simmons house, Memorial Day.

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Hooker, racism, and I kick-ass in ping pong.

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